Meet the management team

Gill Coupland
Director and Registered Manager

A former Social Enterprise Ambassador, Gill is also involved in two other social enterprises. Through Careforce Solutions she ensures that care staff, working in the sector regionally, are fully qualified to provide quality services and recruits staff for other care organisations.  Together with Rob Greenland she runs Social Business Brokers acting as brokers and advisors to tackle social issues in enterprising ways and through the Ideas that Change Lives project they offer pre-start and start-up business

Gill says ‘I love my job and I work with three of my closest friends – how many people can say that?  I’ve worked with older and disabled people for over 12 years now and I’m passionate that everyone should have access to good quality care.  It’s obviously rubbing off on my six year old daughter who said at school that she wanted to grow up to be ‘strong and healthy and look after old people’!  Good news for me in my old age then!’


Julie Hanlon
Director and Finance Manager

A former manager for Morrisons supermarkets, Julie has taken on the role of finance and accounts manager for Angels.  She says ‘what sets Angels apart from other care companies is that we really care for our customers and being a social enterprise means that we can offer help in so many different areas of their lives.  When we first started Angels, we all worked on the front line delivering services as well as trying to manage all the other aspects of running a business.  I really miss the customer contact but I love my role – accounting and finance isn’t quite a boring as it sounds and at least I can unwind whilst mucking out my horse – my other passion in life!’


Sarah Thompson
Director and operations manager

Sarah has worked in the community for many years providing services to older people including her own grandma!  Her grandma Minnie introduced her to Gill and together with Julie they started planning and developing the Angels concept over six years ago.  ‘I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved,’ says Sarah, ‘we thought our idea was good but it was really hard work in the beginning, we only had seven customers when we started, now we look after hundreds of people!  It’s still hard work, the responsibility we take, and ask our housekeepers and carers to take, is sometimes overwhelming but somehow we also manage to have fun – there’s a lot of laughter in our office!’


Susan Yule
Director and operations manager

Susan has 20 years experience of working for Kirklees Social Services as the manager of a residential care home for older people and manager of a children’s service.  ‘I’ve worked in a social care setting since I left school so setting up in business to deliver care services was a natural step for me,’ says Susan.  ‘I really love what we do here at Angels, how the four of us Directors are such close friends and support each other.  I started work at Angels when my twin boys were a year old – they’re seven now.  Like a lot of our housekeepers and carers I need a job that fits around my family and this is perfect for me.’

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